Error Marking as Read


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Hi, Ray

I'm having trouble marking the forums as read. Whenever I try I get this error message. Perhaps others get this, too ??

Btw, it seems to have started when some change was made to the link bar (where I click on Quick Links). I used to get a drop-down menu and now the links appear on the bar itself.



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Hi Scott,

I'm probably missing a manual template edit somewhere from a past upgrade.

Did this problem just start or has it been this way a long time for you?

Thanks! -Ray


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Hi, Ray

Clarification: my problem was that I had not been seeing the drop-down menu under "Quick Links" for some reason. Instead, when I would click on "Quick Links," I would see the links"mark forum read" link appear on the link bar itself. See here.

In any case, the situation has been resolved. FWIW, I have been using FF (with NoScript) for some time and had not made any changes to the EQ site, but for some reason just the past week or so the "mark as read" link wasn't working (as noted above). Well, I tried in Comodo Dragon (Chrome) and was able to successfully mark messages as read, so I knew the problem was with FF. Apparently, one of the scripts NoScript had been blocking ( needed to be unblocked for the Quick Links to work properly and for me to be able to post a message to the board. I don't know why the problem came up, since, as noted, I made to changes whatsoever to NoScript. :confused:

Anyway, now everything is working as it should again. Sorry for the inconvience. :eek: