Email's text body not displayed when viewing email in the Sent folder.


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When I clicked on my Sent folder, and then clicked on the message I sent this evening (to a valid address), the text body of my message was not displayed in the window. The only details shown are the From address and the To: address.

After I re-sent this email and went into the Sent folder to view it, this re-sent email was also shown without any text, which I had copied-and-pasted into the email before sending it originally.

These emails were actually sent, because the pop-up Sent notifications were shown after I clicked on the Send button.

Is there an obvious reason why the text I typed in each sent email is not shown when I go into the Sent folder to view each email?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


New Email
just passed the registration, why I do not receive e-mails about been sent a letter with the other mail writes that whom no address help

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