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I am the vice-president of my soccer club and so I need to send out email's to my entire team which consist of over 20 different email addresses. For some reason when I try to email them hotmail think's that I am spamming and does not allow me to do so. I get a link to follow to verify that I am human but that does not work properly either.

Please assist.


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How many emails did you send over the last 24hrs? There was a time when around 20 recipients at a time and several hundred per day used to be a limit at Hotmail. While testing this morning I am allowed to send to 20+ recipients when they are all the To: address (not really a good thing to do), all BCC: address, or a mix of To: CC: and BCC: addresses without getting my email blocked. If Hotmail wants to block you today there probably isn't much you can do about it besides waiting a day or two before trying to send to the list of email addresses again.

Double check they are all good addresses and that they are not bouncing.

A couple ways to work around the issue this morning include :

  • For small mailing lists you are well within the free limits of Mail Chimp a nice free mailing list provider.
  • If you really want to stick with your Hotmail account you can try using Windows Live Mail 2011 for connecting to your Hotmail account and sending out the information to your soccer club.
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