Emails disappear from "Sent Mail" folder?!


New Email
Hi All,

I'm using GMail web mail and notice that my "Sent Mail" folder is emptied automatically several times per day. I never empty it manually. I verify that the sent mails arrive to that folder immediately after sending. I did a test sending 5 emails to various addresses (all arrived to their destinations) and saw that they were all in the "Sent Mail" folder after being sent as they should be. I left Gmail open, went away for a while (30 minutes), came back, checked the "Sent Mail" folder again and it was completely empty- those test emails had disappeared! This happens on a regular basis. Any one else run nto this?

I'm not using an email client- I'm using the Gmail web browser and no IMAP. POP is activated (with two accounts) and there are no mail filters to delete emails. As a test, I sent email from my gmail account and then switched Gmail preferences to list a POP account as the sender. Both appeared in my "Sent Mail" box after they were sent, stayed for a while in the folder and then disappeared.

Help Much Appreciated,

Chris Jones