Email text not showing on Windows Live - are the files retrievable?


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Hi guys

I'm a bit of a tech ignoramus, but I need help with my email and I'm hoping you can assist...

A few months ago I had to have my hard drive wiped and sent to the repairers due to a "bad sector," which was fortunately still covered by the warranty. With Windows not quite working properly I managed to do a manual back-up of my Windows Live Mail emails before everything was erased.

I have mostly managed to get the emails back up and visible on the repaired computer, which is now operating on Windows 8. But for one folder the older emails from before the switchover are showing only the name, date and subject. The text area has the following message...

Message cannot be found
The contents of this message cannot be found.

I am gutted that it appears I have lost these emails, probably due to a mistake on my part when I was transferring the emails across. But I can't help but wonder whether they are somehow retrievable - especially if the sender, subject and date information is all still visible.

Do you have any suggestions?



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Hi Lloyd,

Do you remember what version of Windows and Windows Live Mail you had installed on the old computer?


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Hi popowich! I recall I was using Windows Live Mail 2012 on the old computer, the same as on the fixed computer.