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My email inbox always truncates or scrambles large files.....mostly photographs. How do I increase the inbox size ??

Or, is my antivirus program (Mcafee) somehow limiting the size of allowable incoming messages ??


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who is your mail provider (which ISP, webmail provider), what email client do you use(outlook, thunderbird, webmail, etc.)? Have you noticed truncated emails always come from a select few senders (could be on the outgoing side, and not yours)?

the more details you give us the more accurate our help will be ;).


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I use ATT for my email service and Outlook Express....I run Microsoft Vista from a fairly new laptop. It has been suggested that my DSL service is limiting the allowable incoming email size.....I have the entry level DSL service although I don't recall its designation.....thanks for the help....Paul

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The quota (inbox size) on your account should not result in truncated messages, that problem would result in messages that are too big being bounced back to the original sender. It is more likely that something on your computer is resulting in the images being truncated after downloading them from your e-mail account. Do you have a second e-mail address? I'd be interested to know if the same message it sent to your ATT account, and a copy to a gmail account, if you have a problem downloading the picture attachment from the gmail account. Trying that should help to start narrowing down the source of the problem.