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I noticed companies have a feature on their email, gmail does not. I emailed a friend this morning and i just typed in their address and sent. Now usally when i send an email it goes to but i saw in the email it said to Mike.
like this
From: Me

where in my email did this display name switch happen, like gmail doesn't do this, you email me it says to


also can this be done in outlook. like instead if people email me it would say to my name not the address

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Gmail does this too. It depends on your receive/send history and the contact information in your address books. Gmail over time will figure out the real names and add them to the display so you see both real names and email addresses. Outlook depending on the version does the same thing. In outlook if you edit the contact and erase the display name I believe it will start showing both the real name and email address too. Either way, I believe this is going to boil down to the information that is stored in your address books. Did this information answer your question about Outlook Display Names?

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