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What programs do you use to tell you that you have a new e-mail?

For most of my e-mail I have my mail program PINE set to beep when a new messages arrives.

Trillian (my instant messaging program) is set to let me know when I have a new Yahoo mail.


Big Dan

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I just started using the new Gmail gadget for Google Desktop. It's really nice, you can trash/reply/archive right from the gadget although it doesn't have any notification features such as sound or systray bubbles it's still easy to see what's new at a glance.


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I usually have my personal mail open in an FF tab, the whole thing blinks annoyingly with an ok box when a new message comes in. Work mail goes to both BB and Outlook, on occasion my hip vibrates before outlook has refreshed, I glance down read who its from if its important I generally do a quick snap on F9 (outlook hot key to check in with server immediately). If not, I get a popup on my desktop anyhow.