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I really need some help. My husband is a computer tech in his spare time.I have found many email accounts he set up and was hiding these from me.Recieving messages from women, he was also on several dating sites.I recently deleted my msn account and started using one of his old accounts at hottwhls@msn.com
..In this account there has been several emails from: 0n1ineCanadianPharmcy <yvywgrshu@info.wmpqah.com> and different sites:
These emails are sent to different names such as:
hotttiee1979@yahoo.com hotttiee1979@yahoo.com
k_coleman2@msn.com k_coleman2@msn.com
jaysk8@msn.com jaysk8@msn.com
and many more names.He had also set up an account, some type of hotpop, where the email does not come in unless you send for it.I really need some help, can some one help me?

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Re: e-mail messages to different e-mail names


What kind of help are you looking for? This does not appear to be a technical problem.

It seems to me that you need to print these out and have a talk with your husband.

Also, if you happen to want them, here is how to get the full email headers on MSN Hotmail.