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What rules do you follow when composing a new e-mail?

I never use ALL CAPS and try to make sure all of my spelling is correct.


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no large attachments . . . I hate receiving them, and therefore refuse to send them. I have half a dozen places I can put large files and direct someone to downloading them.


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I try not to forward too many jokes that I get. If I do forward them, they have to be really good. I copy and paste them to a new email though so there aren't 400 email addresses on the ones I do send out.
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Forwarding: Rarely if ever. Most of my forwards are actual information someone needs.

No Quoting: If I find information someone needs on the web, I just link them to it.

Signature: Small if any at all depending on the application.

Other than that I try and keep it short and sweet, people have enough email to weed through with out me rambling. :D

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Put different questions & topics on different lines or number them, making it easier to separate them when replying.

If it's an informational email, an FYI to make it clear you're not asking anyone to do anything is always nice.

Double check it's appropriate before using reply-all