Big Dan

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This isn't exactly email related but it can supplement email attachments. Dropbox is a service I'm always talking up only because it's simply awesome. It's basically a file sync service. You install Dropbox on all your computers and any file you add to your Dropbox on one computer shows up on the other computer. I've subscribed to the 50GB premium account at $10/mo and it's been invaluable. Having 5 operating systems across 3 computers it's made my file sync life a lot simpler. No more forgetting thumb drives at home, etc.

One of the neater features of Dropbox is the pubic folder. You drop a file in there, right click and hit copy Public link. You can paste this into an email or blog post and anyone can grab the file. No size limits or anything like that.

All in all I love the service for it's simplicity. There are a number of other backup/sync apps and Dropbox is by far the easiest to use.