Do i need fix IPAddress for mailserver


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I have small company of 20 staffs.
I am thinking to setup Inouse mailserver.
I have doman name ( and hosting for my webite.
I have broadband service (ISP) in my office from BT.

What do I need in general o get me started.
- Do I need fix IP address from ISP.
- Do need to do anythink to my domain account.

Please can someone advice me.

many thank

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Have you ever run a mail server? Which mail servers are you familuar with?

Does the hosting company that provides the web site hosting provide mail hosting?

Have you considered any other alternatives such as business email hosting from Google?

To specifically answer your questions :

1) Yes, it would be best if you had a static IP address

2) If you set up your own mail server you will need to create an MX record in your DNS that points to that mail server. Create an A record such as, and then point the MX record to the name that you created for your mail server. Never point an MX record directly to an IP address.

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