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Some fine person has been spammiming people from my wifes Verizon e-mail account. I use POP 3 software and I tried just using another account name that I got from Verizon but when I try to conect it says account disabled contact system admin I would just set up a gmail account but this is what she is used to

I tried contacting Verizon .......voice prompt nightmare
I tried creating a new sub- account with the same name
also says its disabled

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Try calling Verizon at 1.800.837.4966.

After entering your 10 digit phone number hit 2 for tech support and 4 for misc support.

They should be able to get you to the correct support team so you can get your account reactivated.



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Thanks for your help finally got a live person on the phone and 45 min later got it working
Thanks again wifey should be off my back now:yay: