"Deleted Messages" folder creating and populating itself!


New Email
Hi there...

I am new to this site. I was hoping to find a good yahoo mail forum for help because I am having a very difficult time solving my email issue.

A few days ago I noticed that hundreds of emails were missing from my inbox. these were all from the previous 3 or 4 days. After checking all my settings, like security and filters (which were fine), I did a simple search for one of the missing emails. I found it (and all the other 200+ missing emails) in a folder entitled: "Deleted Messages". This folder was in alphabetical order with all of my other folders. It was not my Trash folder either which was in its usual place and empty.

The problem is that I never created a folder with the name "Deleted Messages" in the first place. I confirmed this when I called Yahoo tech support and by shear luck got a competent technician here in Oregon--he was perplexed by my situation. He basically checked a restore point from the previous week and confirmed there was no such folder named "Deleted Messages" at that time, so it must have been created somehow in the past few days. But why? All my missing emails were there in the folder and nothing else was changed. Anyway, he was at a loss as to what happened or why. There were no remote logins to my account, however, there were unsuccessful attempts to get in as we were speaking. He recommended that I run malwarebytes to check for malware.

I moved all of the missing files back to the inbox and deleted the "Deleted Messages" folder. I then downloaded and ran malwarebytes 3 times--twice in quick mode and once in full system mode which checked every file on 3 different drives after booting up in safe mode first. There were 2 adware files and 1 PUP file that were found and I removed all of them. To be safe, I loaded AVG antimalware on my cell phone and ran that. It was clean. But, to be more safe, I logged out of yahoo mail on my phone altogether (I had no other devices now with yahoo). Then, using my desktop, I reset my yahoo mail password (18 digits with numbers, letters, extra characters and no familiar words) and changed my security questions to difficult custom questions.

Everything was fine...for a day.
But the following day, to my shock, the same "Deleted Messages" folder popped up again in my folder list and was full of emails from my inbox from the previous few days.

How is this happening and why? It has happened to me 4 times already in the past few days--about once a day. It makes no sense. No real damage is being done so I can't understand why/how this would happen?!


Any help would be greatly appreciated considering yahoo tech support could not figure it out.