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We're having an issue with a person who's emails get bounced back with this error (this is all I have on hand, so I hope it's enough.)
it comes back immediately so I'm told.
5.4.7 - Delivery expired (message too old) 'timeout' (delivery attempts: 0)
it seems no one at that company can email anyone at our company.
What I've tried to find but had not found anything that explains to me is
why this is occuring. I read in one forum that it was that a server was blacklisted, I checked both our servers and they were both OK (checked on a couple of sites that checked againts blacklist databases) so I was satisfied that wasn't the case. Also another forum suggested a short TTL could of caused that, which sounded like a good possibility except they say we're the only company whom gets emails sent back, insisting it's on our end, but we receive emails from everyone else. I hope someone here can point me in the right direction to get this solved. If it's not on our end then I'd like to be able to make some suggestions as to how to fix it. Thanks in advanced for all your help.


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Hi Waldo,

What kind of mail server are you running? What is the domain name that you can not send email to? Are you having a problem sending to any other domain names? What is your domain name and the IP address for the outgoing mail server if it's different than the server listed in your MX record? Can you post a copy of the full bounce messages that you are receiving? Is your mail server configured to relay mails out through another mail server or your ISP's mail server? The reason the mail bounces back so fast is that it is being permanently rejected so the number of retries itself is not a concern in itself. Your server appears to be acting correctly in that the mail is immediately bouncing back to you after being rejected.