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hai everyone, i have a big problem that i have not face before.My problem started with when i try to open my email attachment.when i'm click the attachment, it appear a box message that contain option open, save and cancel. i click at open then it appear another box message with a weird contain, that box contain that attachment's name but different file type ; compressed file.while the actual type of file is docx.

while i have been try to solve the problem with changing the of setting window outlook mail to unblock the unsecure message the above problem still happen.

then , i try to open another computer , i got to open the attchment.So now i want to ask everyone if you had this kind of experience or any suggestion to solve my problem.This is emergency and i really need to solve this problem.:hammer:


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Re: changes format of email attachment


The docx file type is a newer version of the Microsoft Office word doc type.

It sounds like the first computer has an old Microsoft Office or no office at all, and the second computer has a recent version of Microsoft Office.

If I am correct about the first computer you can install Open Office to get support for reading and creating docx and other office file formats.