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I was with msn with dial up for years and then went to wireless with Qwest. Well they use hotmail as the email service which I do not like . With msn I could make folders on my hard drive and save and backup them . I was very happy with it . Now that I get microsoft through Qwest is there any way of still using msn or saving things with hot mail like I used to. My address I have had this too many years with msn to change it, too many contacts that get ahold of me .

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I understand that you changed your ISP, but are you still able to use the MSN software that you prefer over the new connection? I have not used MSN myself, but AOL has the option to run over tcp/ip instead of dialup. Are you able to configure your MSN software to use the new internet connection? Instead of using dialup look for a connection option that sounds more like "use my existing ISP" or "use tcp/ip conection". Most if not all of the MSN features should be available from the MSN home page. Also, if you are no longer using the dialup don't forget to cancel your dialup service. Double check with MSN customer support, but I believe your account should still work fine if you login at the MSN home page even though you are no longer using dialup. MSN customer service options can be reached throigh the MSN Support Site.