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Change Your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Password

Having a strong password is important. Get the steps for changing the password for your AOL account.

  1. Log in to AOL using your username or email and your current password.
  2. Confirm that the Manage Your Account category is open.
  3. Select (Change Password) under Password.
  4. Enter a new password under both New Password and Confirm Password. Choose a password that is both difficult to guess and easy to remember.
  5. Select Save.
AOL Password Change Using Phone Number
  • Go to the AOL Mail login page means Your Aol Mail Account.
  • Select Login/Join.(Means Sign in)
  • Type in your AOL username.
  • Click Next Button.
  • Choose Forgot password?.
  • Type in your username.
  • Tap Next.
  • Type in the phone number associated with your account, the one you entered when you created it.

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Considering that you do not have recovery Phone number or address, there is another alternative to retrieve AOL password
Most of the current internet browser has Autofill feature. Remember when you login into a new website, a pop up pops up asking if you want to save login details, this feature is called an Autofill feature. If you have logged in recently, there is a chance that your password is saved in the browser.

Type the username and browser will enter the password automatically. Another alternative is to check your browse where the password is stored and the way to retrieve the password.