Can't Login to my AOL Email Account


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Hi, I am having tons of truble logging into my AOL Email Account. It just started doing this a few days ago. I went to login to my email and it said that my password and user name didn't match up. I have the password saved on my computer so I know it is the right password. I tried to get it recovered, but when I try to put in the answer to my security question and other information it says that it doesn't match up. When I put in my first and last name with the answer to my security question it doesn't work. When I use the answer to my security question and my birthday and zip code it doesn't work. I can't use my alternate email because it was my mom's old email address and she has changed her email address because she had her email address with the company f our internet provider. SHe changed her email to go with our current internet provider. How can I get into my email account. I really need to get into it and it is driving me crazy that I can't get into it. I am so fustrated PLEASE HELP!!!

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Valentine Donovan

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If you encounter AOL email login problems, focus on the common reason behind can't login into AOL email problem:

- Invalid username and password
Try to login with correct credentials Because AOL is very secure email system they don’t allow any unrecognized users enter into the system.

- Someone has changed your credentials
Maybe someone to change your login credentials and you are unable to sign in mail account. So, change your username and password.

- AOL Email is not able to sync with the server
This error messages shows when you are using a third-party app like outlook and apple mail etc.

- Network problem
Network problem is one main reason can’t login the AOL account. So, you should check the server status and be sure it is not down.

- Maybe browsers are not ready to communicate with AOL mail server
You should check for the latest updates first. If an update is pending then go ahead and update your web browser first and then make an attempt for sign in.