can dragon interfere with e mail?

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New Email
hi all, thanks for taking time to look at this.sometimes in livemail my emails acquire two phantom attachments they are QMARK.GIF and ARROW.GIF.
they appear at the recipients as attachments that can be opened and viewed but i have no idea where they come from and a search of the pc does not find the .gif files any where
looking through some forums i see others have these contained in there posts but no one seems to know what they are or even be aware that they are there
i have no idea where they come from and neither does this person
there do not appear to be any common denominators or any reasons, just sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not, in every case the emails didn't have any attachments that are meant to be there. when they do appear at the other end i can check my sent box and there they are but they are not there before i send. this appears to happen most when i am running dragon but the .gif's are not in the body of the message but are attachments to itany ideas would be greatly appreciated
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