Boomerang For Gmail

Big Dan

EQ Forum Moderator
Boomerang is a pretty awesome extension for Chrome and Firefox that works with Gmail.

A client of mine just turned me on to this extension a week or so ago and at first I thought "what use would I have for that". It turns out Boomerang has turned into my favorite new thing.

One of the nice features of Boomerang is that it "boomerangs" messages out of your inbox. You can archive a message and have it come back to your inbox at a specified time or if no one replies in a specified time period.

This is awesome for people you really have to kick to follow up on emails. Reply and "Boomerang" the email to come back to your inbox in a day or two if no one replies.

The second feature is scheduled email sending. You can write an email at 3am and schedule it to be sent at 9am so you don't look like too much of a night owl. :innocent:

Pretty cool stuff. Anyone else use Boomerang?