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    Last week I started to use TOR the encrypted browser.
    Early this week, while trying to log on to the AOL account I have, a page came forward, and showed that "access to the AOL account was made from numerous locationsglobally.
    I was asked to confirm "is this you"..........[ I forgot, that this is what the TOR program does ].
    I answered "no".
    Another window opened up, and asked "confirm that this is you trying to access this email address".
    It asked a question..."what is the alternate email address that you have registered in / with the AOL address"..
    [ I was stumped - because I have set up this AOL account some 20 years ago, when it was "netscape" - and then it was absorbed by AOL - and have never had a similar situation before - and have never had to go back and review the "account profile info"....]
    I "entered" one gmail account I use/trust - but, that was not it.
    Then, I tried a YAHOO account - [ BUT - when I tried to access the YAHOO Account - [ I had the same similar situation there - and was asked to "identify the email account that i have linked the YAHOO account to [ which is the AOL account - and which is blocked ].
    After the 4-5th attempt [ more / less - I did not count them - AT WHICH point another "message" came up "you have one more try".
    I changed the form of identification method - to another question - I WAS ASKED - "what is the ZIP code that you have entered........[ I live in Canada, and we refer to that as "POSTAL CODE"...]....[ The word ZIp Code, implies that "the account is logged into / from a US address - which is likely the case - since it was set up as a "NETSCAPE" Account, about 20 years ago.
    I tried the postal code we have in Canada - IT DID NOT ACCEPT IT - and "THE AOL EMAIL ACCOUNT WAS BLOCKED - I was asked to try again in 24 hours..!!!
    I need access to the AOL email account - WHAT DO I DO - How do I speak to AOL Tech Team to - at least send the "linked" email address [ to the AOL account ] - to, yet, another AOL email account I have... [ SO THAT they confirm that only proper / authorized people are accessing the "blocked AOL Account.
    Can you help..?

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    Hi ARI,

    The current AOL customer service phone number is 1-800-827-6364

    I'm curious to know how much they can help. It sounds like this is a free and not a paid aol service email account.

    Also, until you get back into the account, I'd use a regular web browser that shows you're coming from Canada when trying to access AOL.

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