Block Large Number Of Spam Emails

John Hughes

New Email
I have been using AOL Mail UK as my email provider for years without any problems.

However for the last few weeks I have been receiving a large number of spam emails a day (about 20 a day).

AOL Mail recognises these emails as spam and conveniently puts them in the Spam Folder so they don't fill my Inbox.

AOL Mail has a Block Email Senders facility which blocks emails from specific senders by entering the email address of the senders you wish to block, and this works very well.

However the majority of the spam emails I have started to receive come from a sender with the email address of the form :- etc.

Unfortunately the Block Email Senders facility does not allow the use of wild cards and so you have to add the exact email address of each one.
At about 20 of these spam emails a day you can imagine that this is a pain and takes up a lot of time.

I am not sure why I have just started to receive these spam emails.

Any help on how to stop these spam emails would be appreciated.


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You can't stop anyone from sending you emails (spam or not). Similarly, you cannot stop someone calling you on the phone or sending you snailmail. Does AOL Mail automatically delete spam messages after so many days? Otherwise grin and bear it. :-(