blank emails in yahoo mail for iphone?


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I woke up this morning to a bunch of blank messages in my yahoo mail. (no sender or subject) if I click on them, they will not open. I thought it was because one of my friends was hacked yesterday and spammed my email earlier in the day. I thought it had something to do with that. To check that theory, I set up a second yahoo email on my iphone and that one was doing the same thing.

I wondered if the problem was my iphone or yahoo mail so I got on my desktop and logged into my yahoo and it's fine. None of the blank messages are showing up there. This must be an iphone issue. The dates were 12/31/00. I'm thinking it's an iphone glitch. I am going to uninstall my yahoo mail on my iphone and reinstall and see if those messages go away.

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Customer Service
Unfortunately there are two things I did to fix this problem and I'm not sure which one actually fixed it. Both options are very simple so it is quick and easy to do both.

-Go to settings, mail (contacts, calendars) and turn off "organize by thread"

thread option on iphone.jpg

-uninstall yahoo mail on your phone
-turn phone off and on
-reinstall yahoo mail

This should get rid of the blank email messages in your yahoo mail on your iPhone.