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I am a nube. Hopefully someone can help me solve an issue so I don't have to spend any money. :yay:

I downloaded Axigen Mail Server (a free mail server) that I added to my Microsoft owned domain I own a Mediasmart server that allows me choose my own user name to access the server.

All works fine with the exception that I cannot seem to send outbound emails through Axigen. I can pull email in but not reply. Is there a free solution that would allow me to send? The server is on the same home network as my home PC. I can send send outbounds fine within Windows Mail.

Any ideas what's going on? I am stumped.

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Who is your ISP at home?

What outgoing smtp mail server settings do you use?

Check the name, port, and any authentication required to relay through your ISP.

You'll likely need to get the same configuration into a mail server running on your home network.

Also, check your anti-virus and firewall programs and make sure they are allowing outbound email connections from Axigen.

I'll need a little more time to download and check out the Axigen mail server software, but the above is a good checklist to start with.

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OUT 25, IN 110, ..I'll check the other settings. I am going to download Axigen and give it a try. I gave up 6 months ago because I could not get to work.