AOL mail suddenly not working!


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Hi y'all.. This is my first time using a forum so if I make errors, please forgive! My aol mail was working fine all day yesterday using their webmail site to check messages. Around 4pm, it suddenly stopped working, and when I tried to pretend I forgot my password, it would not accept any of my answers (I've had this account since 96, I KNOW my answers). I hoped it was something wrong w/ internet settings at work, so I tried when I got home by using the shortcut.. same problem. It won't let me sign on. This is true for all 3 usernames on the account. And we've also had the free version for as long as it was available, so that means no support/help from AOL.. Any ideas?!?!?! I hate to lose my AOL as I have sooo many contacts that have that address.
Thanks for any assistance you can provide!
:) Renee'


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Have you tried Raymond's suggestion? I've had the same EXACT problem as you for about a month now. I have two email addresses, so it hasn't been a HUGE deal, but still, such an inconvenience and stressor. I've called AOL Help like four times and tried upgrading my account. Sadly, I've found no successful solution. Has anything worked for you?

What's goin on AOL??? :(