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my friend can read an email in AOL then mark in unread from the Action menu. I can't get that option on my Action menu after reading an email - mine stay unbolded - she can mark her read mail unread and it goes back to bold.

Any ideas?


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Are you using the AOL Webmail or the AOL Desktop Software?

Do you have the latest flash player? Adobe Flash Player

Are you clicking the check box next to the email before clicking mar read or mark unread?

In the webmail I can click the boxes next to the emails and then select mark unread.

AOL - Select Email.JPG AOL - Mark Unread.JPG

Did any of this information help you to solve the problem?
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I'm having the same problem.:hammer: Is it because I have a free aol acct? Because your email setup looks nothing like mine.


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Update I clicked on shortcuts and it tells you that ctrl-alt-u is how you mark messages unread.....however that doesn't do anything either.:hammer: Every other shortcut works fine though, its just the mark unread (ctrl-alt-del) option that has seemed to be disobedient. i'm starting to think its because I have a free account. Am I right???


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To be able to mark a message "unread" in AOL Webmail, you must be in 'Unified Inbox'.
To switch to this inbox view, go to 'options', 'mail settings', scroll down and check the box next to 'Unified...'.
If you do not want to change your inbox view, open the message and use 'Ctrl-Alt-U'.
You must be within the opened message for this to work.