Anyone try or Lus Mail?


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I just saw on wikipedia that they are a new free webmail provider. Their site looks very low budget but they seem to offer lots of service for their email. I was about to sign up but figured I would check here first to see if anyone heard of them or has tried their service?


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I have not used their service, but to add to the discussion about bad grammar and it apparently not having a technical person running it, all of their MX records point to the same IP, and even worse they point to CNAMES. MX records should point to A records in DNS, not CNAMEs.

;; ANSWER SECTION: 29m31s IN MX 10 29m31s IN MX 20 29m31s IN MX 30

;; ANSWER SECTION: 27m43s IN CNAME 27m43s IN A

The reverse DNS points back to . The reverse DNS does not have a custom PTR record.


The IP addresses don't appear to be blacklisted. :)