Anyone heard of email encryption software called MailCloak ?


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I am looking for email encryption software. Does anyone know MailCloak ? My friend told me that it works well with Gmail, but I have no idea. :confused: It looks better option than fireGPG, which is having problems now with Gmail.

Is anyone using this MailCloak? Can you recommend it for newbies or not? 'Cause I'm not really so familiar with all these stuff, it usually makes me so confused..

Thanks for your help!

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I have not tried using this software until now. I downloaded it from here :

Free MailCloak Firefox Download

The download link for the firefox addon is in the middle of the page.

Try to avoid getting sucked into clicking their animated popup ads.

More information about setting it up can be found here :

Quick Start - gWebs Support Wiki

From what I can see it is a safe download and did not generate any warnings of problems on my computer.



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I finally tried it out.. I works nice, I mean, the installation is easy and it's co-operating with all webmails I use. :)

Thou I guess now the problem is that almost none of my friends are using any encryption software.. So I cannot really say how it works in use. :(

If someone has tried it in use already. I'll gladly read some comments! =) :thanks: