Any free email services that allow non-secure (without SSL) POP or IMAP access (port 110 or port 143


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Hello everyone (my first post). The thing is, I badly need an email account that allows non-secure POP or IMAP because I have a device that needs POP3 or IMAP access but doesn't support the SSL/TLS secure access available with most common email service providers.

I searched hard, but so far found only two (technically three), one of which is a pain to use and the other is practically unusable. More specifically, limits free mailboxes to just 3 MB, which is unbearably low by today's standards (I could live with 20 or even 10 MB, but with 3 MB inbox I'm at constant risk of not being able to empty it in time, as even a single message can easily exceed 3 MB) and, while providing a 50 MB inbox for free (which would be more than enough for me) also has a ridiculous limitation of 50 MB of traffic per month (the total size of messages send and received cannot exceed that amount), which, at least in my case, makes it absolutely unusable (I don't need to send much (if anything at all), but I do need to receive a lot more than 50 MB per month). Technically, there's also, but they suspended new registrations indefinitely.

I found this forum while searching on the web and decided to ask my question here...

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How technical are you? Does the email service need to provide the pop3 account? What if there was server in your home that fetched email from a public email service, and provided pop3 access within your home network for the device that requires it?


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Having a dedicated server at home for such a trivial purpose would be a massive overkill. Besides, I'm not able to do that for several reasons. As stated in the original message, I was asking about public email services to which clients can connect.