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To view the full headers of an e-mail in Alpine 2.00:
  • Open the e-mail
  • Press H to toggle between the regular and full header modes.
Alpine - Full Email Headers.JPG
If you see help reading the full e-mail headers please see our guide on How to read full e-mail headers.

If you have any questions about Pine please create a new thread in our Mail Program Support Forum.
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Paul King

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I use Alpine 2.10 in an environment where I have to sort long lists of emails (several hundred every few days). If I sort by subject ($, then S) there is a ton of email that seems to still position themselves at seemingly random positions in the list. I am suspicious that non-printable characters are being used in the sort. The subject lines are still not alphebetized, but in a different order. Is there a workaround to ensure that the subject lines are properly sorted without regard to possibly non-printable characters?