550 IP x.x.x.x is blocked by EarthLink


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Did your email to an @earthlink.net address get blocked?

First, please check the following:

  • Check to make sure your server is not blacklisted with this tool
  • If you are sending to mailing lists, only send email to users who want the email. A high percentage of user complaints will get you blocked.
  • Check your reverse DNS PTR record and verify that it exists, has a static looking name such as mail.example.com, and that it has a matching A record.
If you send email through your ISP SMTP Relays you should contact your ISP.

It is also possible that your email was blocked due to a high volume of spam complaints against your mail server by other large email service providers.

After you have done all of the above you can submit a delisting request by forwarding a copy of the complete bounce message to blockedbyearthlink@abuse.earthlink.net with the subject "Blocked x.x.x.x" where the x.x.x.x is your blocked IP address