1. qqqqq

    mail in a box -- server for Ubu 18.4 LTS - super easy install

    MiaB is very reliable and works like a charm. just type curl -s | sudo bash and your server is set up in 3 minutes ! (once your domain records are OK)
  2. F

    Need to upgrade email beyond 50 users

    Right now the company I work for has 50 free email accounts from Google (Gsuite). We have had the 50 free gmail emails under our own domain for quite a while. We are looking to transition to paid email but going from free to $9 per user per month seems steep. Any suggestions to ease pain and...
  3. J

    Not receiving messages after coonection with server

    For the last 3 days, I have not actually received any new messages. Thunderbird apparently is connecting with the Verizon server and the green bar expands as if the messages are about to appear. Then the process simply stops and no email is added to my inbox. The totals remain unchanged. My...