1. J

    Rule to Chime when name is refreenced in body of NEW email only

    Hello All!! I wanted to set up a rule that will alert me via a chime or alarm whenever someone calls upon me in a new email. In other words, if an email states: "James, as per..." I would like to hear a chime. I set up a rule that follows a chime when the keyword "James" is in the body. It...
  2. puertas12

    Create a rule to remove emails in a folder that are older than 2 years

    I already found the place in hotmail where to set rules. I actually set a rule to move messages to a folder received from a email address. I would like to add an additional filter to remove the emails in this folders that are older than two year. I haven't found a default filter rule to do...
  3. I

    Multiple email accounts best practice

    Hi, I am trying to make my life simpler by applying rules to my emails. I have approx 10 email addresses i need to work with ( i am running various freelance businesses all in need of different emails and ability to reply from different emails). First I tried google as i liked the ease of...