inbox view

  1. GrapeVine

    Hotmail inbox view shows list of only one sender

    A while ago today I opened my Hotmail inbox in my browser and saw a list of only one sender's emails all the way down the page. I didn't open Hotmail using the Windows 10 mail application. There's a screenshot here showing the inbox view. I don't know if it relates, but yesterday I did as I...
  2. M

    Adding a drop "down menu" column in outlook view

    Hi we operate a shared mailbox and I have added some columns to the inbox which allow us to fill details in such as who its assigned to. Is there anyway to make these a drop down box or a set selection in order to keep consistency. I have found yes/no. I was wondering whether you can set you own...
  3. L

    Unified inbox

    I do not have (nor do I want) the AOL desktop software. I log onto my email through Somehow, I switched to the "unified inbox" setting. I want to go back to the new mail/old mail setting. How do I do this. I can only find instructions to do it through AOL desktop. Thanks, Lucy