1. M

    HTML vs. Text

    Greetings, I am considering sending an introductory email to new (cold) targeted business prospects, with a clear and visible opt-out, of course. I'm wondering if using HTML will significantly reduce inbox deliverability...? Thanks! Mel
  2. P

    Thunderbird replacement?

    (More relevant forums are being updated...). My Thunderbird 60.0 (32-bit) is becoming increasingly slow and erratic, probably due to my elderly Windows 7 PC with nearly a million files in. I am in the process of replacing the old PC with a new Windows 10 64-bit one. Thunderbird has a wonderful...
  3. M

    HTML code in compose ?

    Hi, Can I embed HTML in a mail I create with's compose email ? If so how? Does it include HTML that has no visible output?
  4. Maria Ignatius Ephrem

    Gmail shows html markup in the email

    While sending a email via sql to gmail/outlook it shows the html markup for the footer section alone. I have attached the file and screenshot. You can find the broken html in the footer menus. Could you please advise.