hotmail lock out

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    Hotmail - Locked out of 3 accounts

    I am locked out of all 3 of my hotmail accounts. They all ask for a code from one of the other hotmail accounts. The codes are thus obviously not accessible. The only way I can contact m-soft support is by email, using either of the email accounts I cannot access. There is not specified reason...
  2. T

    Friends with Hotmail, Juno e-mail not receiving my e-mails

    Just recently friends with hotmail and juno e-mail addresses aren't receiving my e-mails. They aren't in any junk mail folders they can see. What do I do?
  3. K

    Can't remember anything.

    Well unfortunitly I haven't accessed my hotmail account since approximately 2012 or 2013, it was created around 2011. Since that time no only had I forgotten about the account but all information associated with it except for the phone number I have I possible an associated email account. I need...