1. R

    Emails not delivered or received

    Two weird things have been happening to my AOL emails over the past 48 hours, so I think they must be linked. First, emails I have sent have simply not arrived. I get no notification of that and the recipient is entirely unaware. They were sent to hotmail and btinternet mailboxes. Second, some...
  2. M

    AOL/Verizon blocking incoming email

    Don't know which is responsible, but it is obvious that SOMETHING is going on here., and (inexplicably) my eBay search for a Blackglama mink coat either wind up in the trash without my ever seeing them, or (in the case of Black Agenda Report) don't show up at all...
  3. B

    Thunderbird AOL send problem

    Anyone else have a problem sending from Thunderbird AOL POP3? Windows7 Message usually sends, but Thunderbird locks up afterward "not responding" and have to kill with task manager.
  4. L

    AOL linked accounts

    I have used the "linked screen names" feature for years. I know AOL has discontinued it, but those who have been using it are grandfathered in to the feature, and it has worked fine for me for years and years. Recently, I did something strange (I can't tell you what ... ) and it un-linked my...
  5. S

    I cannot send to any aol account

    From my office email I cannot send to any AOL email account. AOL says that AOL does not block any emails, though it's all over the internet that they do. My email client ( my office says it's AOL. Any ideas? I realize that no one under 60 still has AOL, but I have old friends and...