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Two weird things have been happening to my AOL emails over the past 48 hours, so I think they must be linked. First, emails I have sent have simply not arrived. I get no notification of that and the recipient is entirely unaware. They were sent to hotmail and btinternet mailboxes.

Second, some emails - not all - have not arrived in my inbox, I know it's nothing to do with my ISP or my email client (I use Thunderbird 78.5.0 on a Mac) because I asked one of the senders to resend her email to a Hotmail inbox on Thunderbird and it came through immediately. The emails came from a gmail email address.

A couple of hours later, some of the emails started to trickle through - 12 hours or so late - but some never arrived at all.

It is kind-of worrying when you don't know your email hasn't got through Any solutions, anyone?


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New Email
I've jsut realised that these two problems may not be linked. With the email I sent that didn't arrive, I had entered the same email address twice. AOAL doesn't like that. But I'm still mystified why emails aren't coming into my mailbox.