1. W

    How to archive multiple web mail accounts

    Hello. I have multiple email accounts on different web mail services and I view this mail on multiple computers. I would like to archive the older folders from webmail onto a local machine. a) Is there a way to download the older folders from these web mail services? b) What file format...
  2. E

    Originating IP

    Hello, I would like to know since when Yahoo is hiding/replacing Originating IP addresses. As well as from webmail, as from a client. Does somebody knows these dates or years?
  3. perry

    Thexyz Webmail

    Thexyz Webmail is a business class hosted email application that is not just great for business but also accommodating to single users too. Starting at just $1.95 per month, per user or $19,95 when paid annually. You can get the following features: 25 GB of mailbox storage Access through Mobile...
  4. G

    Webmail service with image blocking??

    Guys, I am looking for a webmail service that allows blocking of images inside messages. Basically like Gmail or Tutanota do, however for many reasons I do not want to use either Gmail nor Tutanota. I do need IMAP, I do not need encryption. Better if without phone verification but not...