1. M

    Yahoo Mail - repeated PW reset requests

    Hello. I hope someone can help with the following I have been using Yahoo Mail with Chrome installed on a Windows 7 desktop PC for many years. Very occasionally in this period I have changed passwords. Just recently Yahoo Mail looks like it has introduced 2FA login by default, no doubt to the...
  2. ychaouche

    Refuse weak passwords

    Hello EQ :) My users use roundcube to connect to read their mail. I have enabled the password plugin to enable them to change their passwords. However, I would like to know what can I do to refuse changing the password if it is too weak ? I have already installed the zxcvbn python module to...
  3. C

    Force Yahoo app to ask for my password.

    The first time I accessed my email with the Yahoo app for Android, I was asked to enter my Yahoo ID and password. Since then, the app takes me directly to my Inbox. For security, in case I lose my phone, I want the app to ask for my password every time. Does anyone know how I can force it to ask?
  4. C

    LOGIN problem

    i have two (2) devices that I'm using yahoo mail. 1 in desktop (windows) the other is in my IPAD yahoo mail app (IOS). if i log my yahoo mail using IOS yahoo app, i cannot use my password same in accessing thru windows. my concern is how can i setup my yahoo password same in windows and in IOS
  5. ychaouche

    Authentication backend choice

    Hi ! I am setting up a mail server for the first time. Postfix as MTA, courier as MDA, cyrus as a password verification service (SASL). My question is with cyrus. Cyrus an store the user/password pair in a variety of ways, and the most simple way seems to be sasldb2, because no database setup...
  6. G

    Some questions on the service

    I am a new user of Scryptmail. I like it very much, so far. However I do have some questions. 1. Firefox Password Manager is not able to fill in credentials to log in. Is this normal/intentional or it's just me? No problem to fill in with Lastpass, though. 2. I saw the incoming new features...
  7. J

    Yahoo really makes things difficult! Any answers??

    I have had my yahoo email for a while now. I forgot the password to it forever ago, but I didn't need to worry because I was always signed into my email on my phone. Well.. my phone just broke so I tried to do the "I forgot my password" thing, but the only option it gives me is to send a...