hotmail account

  1. D


    Hi, I have checked the relevant box to empty my Delete Folder on shut down but it doesn't work, any ideas please?
  2. maria

    Emails from phone don't disappear when I open thunderbird

    Hi! I have this problem: I have synchronize my phone with hotmail and I receive them there but they do not disappear when I open thunderbird like they did before. I have to delete emails multiple times from my hotmail account, my phone and thunderbird and it's frustrating. Also, I don't receive...
  3. S

    Counting emails in my Hotmail account

    Is there anybody out there who can show me a way to automatically count the number of emails I have in each of my folders and the total number of emails in all folders. This feature used to be available before Hotmail was upgraded. Any help much appreciated. Thanks,