filter rule

  1. S

    Multiple From addresses in email filter

    Hi I have several email filters which send email from various addresses into a specific folder Is it possible to merge these into a single email filter? I have tried separating the different from addresses with "or" and "," and ";" but the filter either fails to save or does not work Thanks Ian
  2. puertas12

    Create a rule to remove emails in a folder that are older than 2 years

    I already found the place in hotmail where to set rules. I actually set a rule to move messages to a folder received from a email address. I would like to add an additional filter to remove the emails in this folders that are older than two year. I haven't found a default filter rule to do...
  3. Sniper41m

    Evolution email client configuration - filter rule

    How can i create a filter rule so that the email with respective subject or sender goes to specific folder or directly deleted. I can't find the settings for filter rule creation. Thanks and regards,