1. ychaouche

    Roundcube SMTP authentication problem

    Hi I just installed roundcube. On the installer's testing page, when I try to authenticate as a.chaouche@xxx, I get an authentication failure. When I look at my syslog, I see that instead of receiving a.chaouche@xxx it only receives the mailbox part a.chaouche without the @domain part Mar 29...
  2. ychaouche

    The benefits of using mysql as a backend

    Postfix * needs a place to check wether an e-mail address is valid * needs a place to store email address aliases Cyrus * if you need to send email from outside your network then postfix needs to authenticates you. Popular choices are Cyrus and Dovecot. Cyrus needs a place to store logins...
  3. ychaouche

    Authentication backend choice

    Hi ! I am setting up a mail server for the first time. Postfix as MTA, courier as MDA, cyrus as a password verification service (SASL). My question is with cyrus. Cyrus an store the user/password pair in a variety of ways, and the most simple way seems to be sasldb2, because no database setup...