1. W

    How to archive multiple web mail accounts

    Hello. I have multiple email accounts on different web mail services and I view this mail on multiple computers. I would like to archive the older folders from webmail onto a local machine. a) Is there a way to download the older folders from these web mail services? b) What file format...
  2. ychaouche

    How to keep a local copy of IMAP mail and delete old mail from the server ?

    Hello EQ ! I want to configure thunderbird to automatically remove mail older than 30 days from the server but keep a local copy on my PC. How can I do that ?
  3. I

    Multiple email accounts best practice

    Hi, I am trying to make my life simpler by applying rules to my emails. I have approx 10 email addresses i need to work with ( i am running various freelance businesses all in need of different emails and ability to reply from different emails). First I tried google as i liked the ease of...