Yahoo users, consider getting your own domain name


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Dear Yahoo Mail Users,

If your email is important enough that you can not tolerate a 24hrs+ downtime perhaps it's a good time to consider registering your own domain name and associating it with an inexpensive email service. Most free email service providers have limited support for their accounts. I can understand people using free email addresses as personal accounts, but there is no excuse for a business to be using a free account instead of having a branded email address Given how inexpensive domain names are, and that domain name registrars like Godaddy offer free email service and excellent customer service with a domain name purchase, there isn't much reason for the rest of us to be dependent on free email services either. If the service you are using stops meeting your needs, you can move your domain based email hosting to a new email service such as Gmail (requires Google Apps, $4/user/month) or LuxSci ($10/month).