YAHOO PLUS- Import mail through Options > Accounts>Accounts


New Email
Hi everyone,

I am new to Yahoo Plus -- coming up on almost a week

Anyways, I am trying to get YP to import mail from AOL, Hotmail, Gmail

So anyways I go to OPTIONS> Mail Options > Accounts

I put in all the info it needs

User: gohere
password: goeshere
Overide Default Pop: 993 ( for AOL )

But there is NO WAY to save it... if you click on the HOTMAIL one on the left.. and go back to AOL or vice versa as you see in this picture below it eraces the info there is no save button

Ideas I need to import these emails! Plus/nowayofsavingimporter.png

Just showing you a picture of what happens when you switch accounts
I have asked this in YAHOO ANSWERS but no answer yet :hammer: :mad: