Yahoo mail redistributing my messages


New Email
For the last couple of weeks I've been losing emails. Turns out that somehow, yahoo email is just putting emails in various of my folders. I'm sure it's not me doing this because it'll be as organized as what I noticed this morning, when four different emails that had been in my inbox were each sent to four sequential folders. None were emails I would have filed in a folder, and even if I did and sent it to the wrong folder by accident, I don't think I would have done that to four sequential emails and sent one to the wrong folder, the next one to the very next alphabetical folder, and so on. So now periodically I'm having to just click on each folder and inevitably, somewhere in the sequence of my dozen or so folders, I'll find three or four in a row that the top message is something that was supposed to be in my inbox. Anyone else have this happen? I have yahoo mail plus and am not using the Classic, but also haven't upgraded to the new version they've emailed me about. So I don't know exactly what my version is...