Yahoo Mail Instant Messaging Status - Small Bug?


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Maybe it's just me but I don't like it when software gets too connected.

It's also possible this is a small bug.

I've been using the New Yahoo Mail Beta for a few days now and decided that I don't want to see online IM contacts from my email screen anymore.

Up in the top left of my yahoo mail I clicked to log the web page out of Yahoo my instant messenger :

Yahoo Mail Beta Instant Messaging Status.JPG

A few seconds later I hear the bleep bleep bleep as my Yahoo login was also logged out of my Trillian IM software.

Really? I'm either online across the board or not? I noticed that when I logged back into my Trillian the IM didn't also come back online in the Yahoo Mail web page. No biggy, but it probably shouldn't log a user out of all software when the logout on the web page is selected.

Big Dan

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Yahoo only allows you to login to one place at one time. For instance if I'm connected via Y Messenger on my desktop and sign in on my iPod it kicks my desktop offline.