Yahoo Mail - Font size keeps changes by itself while typing email


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In Yahoo Mail while typing a message, the font size changes by itself and keeps getting larger and larger, every time I hit return.

The font size also changes if I select any text.

I am using Firefox and Windows XP.

I have already set the font size in tool in Firefox, and in Yahoo mail, but that does not solve the problem.

Anybody got an answer?


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My Flash player is updated to the most recent update currently available.

I run Norton and Malwarebytes, and both say no problems.

Thanks for the url to timeouts, but that's not my problem.

Anybody got any other suggestions?



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I had this problem too,using ie9 and vista 64. been searching ages for a solution to this. I eventually tried turning off compabitility view on So far it's worked for me. I think there are problem a variety of solutions depending on your browser and operating system, but it's worth a try.:)